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About Us

For 13 years, DM Dean has been building quality residences throughout Charlotte, Lee and Sarasota Counties. To date, we have built well over 500 single family homes for some of the most amazing people on earth! As we continue to grow we are constantly exploring industry trends to build the strongest, safest and most efficient homes possible. We are implementing design features that will improve the “livability� of your home and we are constantly working with trades to deliver a great home at the best price possible. Most of the suppliers and tradesman we use are the same ones we started with all those years ago and that’s unique in this industry, we value the support of our craftsman and they value prompt payment for their service. With 500 homes built, we’ve never been involved in a legal action and never had a contractor’s lien filed! These are reasons we’ve become the #1 privately owned residential contractor in the area.