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I was born and raised in Venice, Florida, where I grew up with four brothers and two sisters. Living in Sarasota County my entire life has allowed me to set deep roots in the local communities and understand both the locals and those who continually move here from other parts of the country. My father is a small business owner who has built his business in the area over the last several decades, so I have experienced from a young age the pressures such a person faces when also caring for their family. It is this first-hand experience that has driven my desire to help other business owners in my community. Whether preparing for retirement, estate and succession considerations, or caring for the needs of family, I want to partner with individuals to build a strategy that fits their unique life circumstances and help them achieve their goals, financial or otherwise.

Family is very important to me. My wife, Sarah, and I have known each other as long as we can remember and have a son named Colt. I care for my clients as though they are a part of my own family and I hope to continue to grow in showing that type of care to everyone I encounter. Leadership is also something I hold close. Whether it is at home, at the office or in the community, I believe in leading by example, showing individuals that I care for them in the same way they should care for others. I also love to practice volunteerism. I have over a decade of experience volunteering in my community in various capacities.
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