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About Us

Mango Ventures provides management services for its' subsidiaries and other businesses that are a good fit for the skills in our company.

Areas of expertise:
e-commerce (Shopify, Amazon, eBay)
e-marketing (Tiktoc, Facebook)
offshore resources in Pakistan and the Philippines
Philippine natural resources, specifically plant fiber

Subsidiary list:

Mango Tree Lodge: A multi family home (3 units) a block from pioneer park off Dearborn St for month-to-month rental.

Mangotrez (Mango Trees): A ladies fashion brand currently focused on 100% natural products in the jewelry, hats and bags made from Philippine natural resources. This brand is targeted to be an international brand that will give back to the indigenous peoples where products are created with a focus towards helping the people and the planet. An E-Commerce store drop shipping lighting products that are in US warehouses. This business model typically returns an ROI in 2 months after going live or 4 months after registering with the state as a business. It is then duplicated and scaled, and eventually sold. Mangotrez will eventually follow this marketing plan but be a hybrid to support local businesses by honoring territories.

Figzz: A line of fashion minded menswear to allow gentlemen in the hot humid areas (Like Englewood) of the US to be able to dress well and not be concerned with showing up with perspiration. Our special material not only ''WICKS'' (like others) moisture from the body, It ''ABSORBS'' the moisture on an outer layer away from the body to keep the body dry.